The two Canadian maiden and the Gentleman From Virginia.

The maiden, on their first public appearance, are two assembled Dobson Kit Banjo replicas by Bill Rickard, presented and played to introduce their specs and beautiful tones and compare the difference between the two prototypes.

The tune, played by Arnie Naiman, is The Gentleman From Virginia, from the album of the same name just released by Arnie and friends of the Albemarle Ramblers trio, Dick Harrington, Pete Vigour and Arnie himself. If you want to check out, maybe purchase this great Old Time new release, please click on the on the following link:

The Gentleman From Virginia by the Albermarle Ramblers

The fisrt of the Rickard Dobson presented sports a 12″ 2 ply solid walnut pot with a Dobson replica tonering, 2 piece walnut neck shaped with Bill’s signature heel.

The second, also played and introduced by Arnie, it’s also a 12″ but with a thin rim and a traditional Dobson heel shaped neck.

These are the last of Bill’s and team efforts to produce an afordable kit banjo with top of the range banjo parts and “expensive-banjo” quality and sound and will be, hopefully soon, available to order at Bill’s workshop and asociated retailers.


~ by rickardbanjo on 02/12/2010.

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