Joint Venture Build With Kevin Enoch

Here’s some photos of a fully spunover rim that I manufactured and sent to Kevin Enoch. From there Kevin did the beautiful neck work and final set up of the banjo to produce what you see here. Plans are to build up some more of these special Dobson banjos as a joint venture. We’ll be introducing a fully spunover 12″ rim Dobson in the very near future. We’ll keep you all posted

This rim was spun from a single disc of brass and then polished and nickel plated. There are no welded joints in this rim what so ever! Note Kevin’s details to the neck heel.

Notice the ebonized interior ply and the nickel plated Dobson tone ring

Here’s a photo of the overall banjo to show its simple and tasteful lines.


~ by billrickard on 02/24/2010.

8 Responses to “Joint Venture Build With Kevin Enoch”

  1. Stunning looking Banjo!
    Do you have any sound samples?

  2. We’re working on it and will post some when there available. In the mean time: It’s sounds terrific!

    Bill Rickard

  3. These are wonderful looking. I love the spun over look. I have a banjo built by Bill Van Horn with your Dobson tone ring and other hardware. I love it! Love the blog too. Cheers!

  4. Are you possibly taking orders for these banjos? This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  5. I really think I need one of these. I love the simple, clean beauty of this design. Let me know when you’ve got them ready!

    • Patrick:

      We now also have these banjos with 12″ spunover rims. The larger diameter rim with a 12″ Dobson Tone ring sound terrific. I’ll attempt to get a friend (Arnie Naimane) to do a sound clip of both the 11″ and 12″ Spunover Rim Dobsons and post them shortly. We also have both sizes in stock in a finished banjos. These particular banjos were 100% completed at my shop but I’ll be shipping Kevin a stock of rims shortly.
      All the best,
      Bill Rickard

  6. What fun . It would be great to see a slotted peg head on one of these .. Be still my heart ….

  7. I found this a very interesting read, and this banjo is absolutely gorgeous!

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