Follow this link for an up to date parts and price list.

To see an up to date parts lists and ordering instructions, please click on the lick above this line.


~ by rickardbanjo on 09/21/2010.

3 Responses to “Follow this link for an up to date parts and price list.”

  1. Awesome site, I’ve gone to heavan.

  2. Hi Bill, We just watched 16:9 and saw your part of it, Awesome! Very inspiring! I have been diagnosed with with an autoimmune disease 9 years ago. I have always been a drummer and frustrated guitar player. since this illness has blessed me with its presence I have had to slow down some things but in order to not go mad have started building Tele’s and Strats, all custom guitars selling for around $1200.

    I have a dream of expanding the work to not only keep me part of a past time I love but to employ other disabled workers. I have heard that there are grants that cover shop equipment and hourly wages for disabled people.

    My question do you have a government department you have worked with that you can direct me to?

    Also, my son in law has tracked down a C&C machine that will cut bodies and necks, do you use one, and if so what would you recommend? (I’m not thinking about banjo building by the way! Your safe there!)

    Kind regards,
    Clint Batchelor.

    • Clint:

      I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I just realized that I’d missed your posting on my blog. I have to admit that computers are not my strong point!
      In regards to your question about grants for hiring disabled workers, I’m not really aware of any grants or assistant, but I’m certain that there must be something out there.
      As per using C&C equipment, I couldn’t do what I’m doing without using CNC equipment. I personally use an AXYZ and two Techno cnc routers + a Citizen Swiss turn lathe. Both Techno routers were purchased used for approx. $3,000.00 each. When it comes to CNC routers there are numerous inexpensive machines available. Cutting Tele and Strat. necks and bodies would be a breeze on CNC routers. The biggest thing is not the routers but learning how to program one, to do what you want to do. If you need any assistance in this area please feel free to contact me and I’ll offer you any assistance that you may require to get started.
      Hope this may be helpful, plus best of the New Year.
      If interested I just opened a new web site at Have a look and let me know what you think of it.

      Bill Rickard

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