New website and online store

Hi everyone.

Our brand new Rickard Banjos website and online store are now online and available for your viewing pleasure.

Visit today!



~ by billrickard on 01/08/2012.

3 Responses to “New website and online store”

  1. Glad to finally find the new site. Nice job! Will order soon….JT Westa

  2. Bill –

    I’ve been contemplating using more natural skin heads on my banjos and came across this set of instructions from SS Stewart from about 100 years ago…

    “The head, or skin, should be wet enough to make it pliable-but not soaked until it becomes too flabby….

    After the head has become sufficiently pliable, lay it on the rim of the banjo and place the wire ring, or ” flesh hoop,” over the head,…

    Every banjo player who wishes to put on his own heads (banjo beads, of course), should provide himself with SIX LONG HOOKS to be used especially for this purpose,

    Proceeding with the work, put on a hook here and there as the head is tucked up, and after the entire circle has been gone around, take a pair of pincers and carefully pull the edge of the head tight and smooth (cut No. 3)….

    Now begin putting on the books and nuts which rightly belong to the instrument, and finally remove the six long hooks, replacing them with the others. ”

    I was wondering if you would make and sell some longer banjo hooks to facilitate the installation of hide heads?

    I know I would buy some, and I suspect there would be a small market on banjo hangout as well.

    I would think that making them about 1/4″ longer than your standard hooks would be good, with extra threads so they could be tightened down as far as a normal length hook.

    Please let me know if you would be willing to do this.

    Still love my Rickard Dobson and my Rickard Tubaphone banjos…


    Scott Holmen aka Pine Cone on Banjo Hangout. (note the new email)

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