Vega Style Bracket Shoering

Vega Style Shoe Ring Nickel Plated, partial view.


4 Responses to “Vega Style Bracket Shoering”

  1. +I am trying to locate 5 nickle double pointed shoes 15/16×7/16 for a 1925 Vega Whyte Laydie. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Bill
    In need of a bracket band and tension ring for a vintage 10 3/4″ Whyte Laydie pot.
    Can you help?

  3. How does this work with your tubaphone tone ring? Do you have a schematic on how to cut the rim.
    How can I get the best sound for dollar on my long neck?

    Jonathan Beyer

  4. I am trying to specialize in long neck banjo construction. I think there is a market out there. I have the necks.

    I love banjo and playing Christian music too.

    Thanks, Jonathan

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